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The name SAFARI stands for “Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information” and, as the name suggests, for 19 years we provided powerful and positive information, via a newsletter, that was likely to be of use to those in a position to make necessary changes in the UK's investigative and judicial systems, those who have been affected by false accusations (including the family & friends of victims) and those who have suffered from being pressurised into making false accusations.

There may be little you can do about a problem by yourself, but, by working together, we can make, and have made, a difference. SAFARI shared news of successes so that all could benefit from them. We also shared information which showed when and how the day to day running of the Legal System has failed the cause of justice, and we took the matter up at Parliamentary level with a view to achieving necessary changes.

Please note: to keep costs down, SAFARI currently uses 'free hosting' services.  This means you are likely to see a small advertisement for Wix appearing from our provider.  We have no control over the advertising that appears and the advertisers are not connected to SAFARI in any way.

SAFARI today


We no longer send out a regular newsletter. The "team" at SAFARI consisted of two people, with the intermittent help of a cat (his idea of helping file the paperwork was unhelpful, but amusing).  We tried to teach him how to stuff envelopes, but he never got the hang of it.  He never licked a stamp as we used peel-and-stick ones.  He did, however, provide a lot of much-needed moral support.  


Now, increasing age and decreasing health means that researching, writing, preparing and posting out newsletters is beginning to take too much of a toll on us, so the paper newsletter will no longer be sent out.  

All the back issues of the newsletter are available for people to download, print, and post out to whichever of their friends and relations might ask for them.  Please don't ask us to do it, as we would be inundated with requests for back issues which would negate the fact that we're trying to reduce the workload.

If other legitimate support groups and academic researchers (not individuals) need to publish information (for example, upcoming meetings) to a wider audience than they can comfortably reach themselves, we can consider publishing this information for them via our emailing list.  We can also publish any really outstanding news to the same group via email.


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