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SAFARI is effectively no longer in operation.


For 19 years, SAFARI provided powerful and positive information through our postal and email newsletter to those in a position to make necessary changes in the UK's investigative and judicial systems. This included those affected by false accusations, such as victims' families and friends, and individuals pressured into making false accusations.


We no longer send out a regular newsletter. Our team consisted of just two people, with intermittent help from a cat whose idea of assisting with paperwork was more amusing than helpful. Despite our best efforts, increasing age and declining health have made it too challenging to continue researching, writing, and distributing newsletters.


All back issues of our newsletter are available for download from our website for you to print and distribute to friends and family. Please refrain from asking us to distribute these, as we cannot manage the volume of such requests.


On rare occasions, we may send email (not postal) updates about the legal system. Additionally, we are open to considering requests from legitimate support groups and academic researchers to publish information (e.g., upcoming meetings) to a wider audience via our email list. Exceptional news may also be shared with our audience via email.

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