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SAFARI is one of many different support groups fighting for the cause of the wrongly accused.  We firmly believe that justice can best be achieved when support groups liaise with each other.  Please let us know of any errors or omissions in the following list:

Support Groups



There are numerous web sites that support people who state that they have been falsely accused of committing crimes.  We list some of those we know of below. Please note that SAFARI is unable to verify the legitimacy of those claiming to be innocent and we reserve the right to remove links to any site supporting someone who is later proved (with real evidence - not just someone else’s word) to be guilty. Any website missing?  Please let us know.

Jeremy Bamber

Siôn Jenkins

Victor Nealon

Jim Watts




Bar Council

Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) 

European Court of Human Rights

Expert Witnesses - A directory of experts

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)

Justice on Trial - Guardian Series

Law Society

MP Locator - How to find your MP

Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) 

Code for Crown Prosecutors

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